Here are the answers to the questions we get asked the most on creating your own high quality products.

Does your company provide comprehensive services for KKM registration and Halal Jakim certification?

Yes, our company provides services for KKM registration and Halal Jakim certification.

The Halal Certificate is valid for two (2) years. It can be revoked at anytime when the owner is found to contravene with the Halal Certification Procedures. Renewal shall be made 6 months prior to expiry date.

Owners of Halal certificate who fail to renew their certification will not be allowed to use the Malaysia halal logo at the premise or on the label of their manufactured products.

Terms & Condition To Use JAKIM Halal Certificate and Malaysia Halal Logo:

  • The Halal certificate cannot be traded, leased, exchanged, forged, abused or amended in whatever way.
  • The use of halal logo is subjected to existing laws and regulations of the country.
  • Any changes on the name and address of the company, factory/premise, brand name, ingredient, manufacturers and other related matters should be reported to JAKIM in writing for further action.
  • The Halal certificate owner is responsible on the loss or damage of the certificate whereby a police report should be made and should be informed in writing as soon as possible.
  • The Halal certificate can be withdrawn or terminated at anytime before its expiry date and the use of halal logo is not allowed when the company is found to contravene with Halal Certification Procedures, or if there is any matter or way of handling which is doubtful according to Shariah Law.
    JAKIM can blacklist and publish any company which had failed to comply with the terms and condition of JAKIM Halal Certification Procedure.
What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

The minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces per product/variant.

Does your factory have strong quality control and safety management system?

Our factory is a GMP certified and we follow stringent quality control and safety system.

We ensure to follow the compliance to the following requirements prior to KKM or notification submission.

Product Particulars
Safety Requirements
Cosmetic Ingredients
Labelling Requirements
Cosmetic Claims
Cosmetic Advertisement
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Product Information File (PIF)
Product Recall
Reporting Of Adverse Event

Can you help us from the research, ingredients and product planning?

We are responsible for the entire value chain, ranging from product planning, solution, production and manufacturing process. Our production team is very reliable and customers get free consultation from our dedicated in-house Research & Development team.

Is it possible to provide my own ingredients?

Yes, customers can provide their own ingredients and we will ensure the confidentiality of our customers’ formulation by signing an NDA.